New-York has inspired Pierre Marcel for this painting about The Big Apple.
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Pierre Marcel
This French-born artist resided in Miami Beach’s Art Deco district for 15 years before returning to his home near Giverny, France. While in Florida, he quickly developed a reputation as one of South Florida’s premiere decorative painters and participated in the mural renovations of the district. He has evolved into a uniquely imaginative fine artist. His work, painted primarily in acrylic, is rich in warmth and inimitable, eccentric humor. The artist's works are in collections throughout the world.


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Galerie Verpal 15 Place Isaac Benserade (place de la fameuse Halle) 27480, Lyons la forêt

 After 22 years of the beginning of my art carreer in Miami-Beach (Florida, USA) I am now working in France:

  • Normandie, Lyons-la-forêt : Galerie VERPAL, 15 Place Isaac Benserade 27480, Lyons-la-forêt
  • Normandie,  les Thilliers en Vexin : Marché Fermier Derly, RN14/D6014 - La Roquette 27420 Les Thilliers en Vexin
  • Normandie , Château sur Epte : Hotel restaurant du Chemin de fer  2 Route de Rouen, 27420 Château-sur-Epte
  • Normandie , Chateau sur Epte : Maison médicale de l'Epte, 2 Route De Gisors 27420 Chateau Sur Epte
  • Ile de France, Saint Clair sur Epte : "Atelier du Pommier",   3 place rollon 95720 Saint Clair sur Epte
  • Ile de France,  La Roche Guyon : Boulangerie du Chateau, 1 rue du General Leclerc 95780 La Roche-Guyon


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