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We believe that proper execution of the ceiling is of transcendant importance in our work.  Just look at a photograph of any large room or store -- you will often see that a boring ceiling can overpower an otherwise nice job done on the walls.  Although we do intricate motifs, sometimes a simple effect does a lot to enliven a space.

 quelques jours plus tard, Frédéric Lère amène un peu de couleur. Photo Gerald

Simple faux finishes on the ceilings gave a rich feeling to this Bal Harbor designer store.

Oxygene, Bal harbor, Florida.1991



Our assistants Catherine Thery and Luis Carlos Rodrigues: Inspired teamwork ensures timely delivery of sophisticated jobs, such as the one shown here in Palm Beach, Florida.

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  X-Ray room





Moscow Hyppopotam discotheque ceiling. Note also the curtains trompe l'oeil.


 bathroom and kitchen ceiling, tropical motif, Miami.


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